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Dermal fillers are popular facial rejuvenation treatment. They are used to correct many aging signs that are traced back to volume loss such as wrinkles and facial lines. A gel-like substance is injected beneath your skin to enhance its own hyaluronic acid stock adding fullness to thinned areas due to aging.

They contain naturally occurring ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid that directly add volume to fill out deep creases, smooth away lines, plump the lips and helps in creating a fuller appearance including; nose to mouth grooves, crows’ feet, forehead lines, chin crease, and acne scars.

Bruises and swelling are sometimes experienced after treatment. It may last for few hours to few days, just icing the area will help it goes away.

Fillers For Face

With age our skin loses more water and become dry which causes wrinkles appearance. It also loses its elasticity due to collagen and elastin loss causing face drop. Dermal fillers work as volumizers to augmenting sunken cheeks and temples areas. As well as filling nasolabial folds or laugh lines (deep lines running from nose to the mouth). It is used as a type of a non-surgical facial contouring.

Fillers For Under Eyes Bags

Dermal fillers are used to create an insulating thin layer of hyaluronic acid gel to lift thin under eye skin away from blood vessels filling out depression under the eye area. This technique fades away under eyes bags, hydrates the skin and treats dark circles.

Filler For Lips

The most common dermal fillers contain collagen or hyaluronic acid and they are widely used to plump thin lips and trap water within giving a natural look. It is injected into the lip increasing its size and volume. Smoothing out lips edges due to aging or other factors like smoking enhancing its volume, structure and contouring it.

Fillers For Hair

Hair loss can be restored using fillers injections containing a growth-stimulating mixture which induce scalp microcirculation. Active ingredients immediately work on revitalizing degenerated hair follicles and increasing its size. It also treats hair thinning and other conditions like alopecia by arresting hair loss reinforcing new

As we age, we experience the appearance of irritating wrinkles that increase with tension, stress and persistent facial expressions known as moving wrinkles. One of the most annoying wrinkles is the forehead, around the eye (Crows feet), mouth and neck wrinkles that add many years to your age. Without a doubt, everyone is trying to hide these signs and maintain a lasting youth. So many resorts to some medical interventions and one of the most successful treatments is Botox injection.


Botox injections

relax the muscles that are constantly contracted, such as forehead and between the eyebrows muscles, which cause the appearance of lines and facial wrinkles. Once the Botox is injected into these areas, the skin returns to its soft shape and the effects of aging disappear.

Botox For Face And Forehead

Botox injections allow you to get rid of facial wrinkles to regain years and enjoy a lasting youth. Only by visiting your doctor and informing him about your medical status and the areas you want to treat so that he can determine the number of sessions and injection units needed. Usually treatment doesn’t require more than one session but in the case of injecting more than one place in the face such as the forehead and around the eye and mouth, he may prefer to inject them on separate sessions. The session time is not more than 10 to 15 minutes.

Botox For Nose

You can use Botox injections to adjust nose shape and reduce its size if big size is due to the cartilage and not the bone itself. Botox can be used to decrease nostrils size and treat its wideness when laughing, warping the nose, and raising the nasal bunny to normal, due to aging. It is also cost effective in comparison with other surgeries.

Botox For Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating is a disease that causes a lot of embarrassment to the patient even with the use of many deodorants. But Botox injections put an end to these absurd situations. It is safe and painless and has shown effectiveness in solving this problem. 

Botox Benefits

- Botox sessions are so brief; it just takes few minutes to half an hour max.

- Does not require recovery time, only physical activities or sports should be avoided for 24 hours after injection.

- The injected substance does not reach any area other than the treated area.

- Results appear quickly after 3 or 4 days to one week max.


Are you suffering from:

  • Dark circles and puffy eyes?
  • Fine lines around your mouth, cheeks, an d eyes?
  • Unhealthy and dull skin color?
  • Weak hair?
  • Hair loss?

One solution for all your troubles is the PRP.

What is PRP?

Platelet rich plasma or PRP is a kind of treatment that depends on resources from your own body. A sample of your own blood is taken and being sent for concentration. After the concentration process is done, a separation of the red and white cells takes place. In this concentrated plasma there are platelets containing growth factors.

One of its uses is Skin Rejuvenation.

How do Platelets rejuvenate the skin?

There are cells in your blood called Platelets. Their function is to help tissues to heal and stimulate the growth of new cells. When the PRP is injected, your collagen starts growing which contributes to the healing and repair process of the skin.

 This repair process results in smoother, tighter skin, less scarring, and improved skin tone.

When can you see results?

PRP skin rejuvenation therapy aims at improving skin tone and texture, tighten skin, decrease scarring, and soften lines and pores. You can see the results within 3 to 4 weeks after the treatment session.  For better results, we recommend you undergo 3-5 treatment sessions.

Another use for the PRP is for the Scalp.

Who likes to see their hair getting thinner and their head getting balder?  Hair loss is one of the most devastating issues for men and women. It affects how they look and make them feel older. This affects their self-confidence. PRP is the best means to fix this issue. It is effective and all natural. It has proven its effectiveness not only in hair restoration, but also for hair rejuvenation. .

How can PRP benefit your scalp?

PRP's nutrients and growth factors decrease inflammation in the scalp. It also stimulates the growth of hair and supplies the hair follicles with the needed elements. It adds life to your hair, makes it shiny, decreases frizz, prevent hair loss and breakage, and strengthens the hair.

Why to go for PRP treatment?

It has proven its effectiveness in treating both hair and skin. It is all natural and from your own body which leaves you with no side effects. PRP is also one of the affordable cosmetics treatments for hair loss and skin rejuvenation. So there is no need to keep wondering, schedule your appointment at Rama clinics where you can meet our specialists in the PRP treatments who will guide you through the treatment process till you reach the required results.

Stem cells

Everyone, especially women, wants to preserve their beauty, so the first goal is to stay young forever and to hide any signs of age. These include facial blemishes, wrinkles, dark circles, sagging eyelids, hair loss, and others.

One of the most effective and most recent methods is the use of stem cell technology in cosmetics. It restores skin sparkle and eliminates signs of aging significantly. As it is working on new vessels growth through the injection of cells in the region, it rejuvenates your skin, restores its glow and maintains results for a long time. It is not only used in treatment but also a preventive method to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging.


The use of stem cell technology is through the extraction of fat from the same person of abdominal fat, for example, through certain methods to maintain fat cells vitality and then place it in a special device to separate the cells then activate it and finally re-inject cells in the area to be treated to replace damaged cells and regenerate skin cells. And, results begin to appear within three weeks.

But there are some points to be considered to obtain the best results, such as quitting smoking and maintaining a healthy lifestyle which ensures that results last for as long as possible.You should also tell your doctor about any medications that are taken or chronic diseases that may affect the injection process.

Stem Cells For Face Rejuvenation

Stem cells treat skin problems caused by stress, tension and aging, including forehead wrinkles, wound and acne scars. It also works to hide wrinkles around the mouth, eye, and rejuvenates the skin in general. It can also be accompanied by other treatments such as Mesotherapy, which increases the effectiveness of treatment.

Stem Cells For Hair

It is used to prevent hair loss and restore its luster and health. It is also used in hair germination by injecting stem cells into the scalp directly. This technique is used in cases of genetic baldness or hair loss due to skin diseases. Sometimes they are enhanced by more than one way, such as taking vitamins. The results begin to appear after at least one month and reach full growth after six months.

Benefits of Stem Cells

- No scars are left.

- Non-surgical treatment does not require hospitalization.

- Severe cases could be treated.

- Long lasting results.



Getting rid of excess weight has become an obsession for many people. Despite the many attempts to lose weight by following a balanced diet and exercise, some areas stand still against those attempts where stubborn fats accumulate.

If you are suffering from the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, buttocks and arms, here is the best solution.

How can you get rid of stubborn fat?

The accumulated fat in different areas of the body can be eliminated by using the latest Mesotherapy technique, which is a French invention that appeared in 1952 by Dr. Michael Bistor.

This technique depends on mixing of drugs, chemicals, vitamins, herbs and amino acids. Then it is injected into the targeted area. This mixture dissolves and destroys the fat cells.

What are the components of Mesotherapy?

The components of Mesotherapy vary depending on the therapeutic target. There are syringes used to treat cellulite, fat dissolving and many other purposes.

Components in general are:

Thyroid hormone T3 and T4

- L-Arginine

- L-carnitine

- Yohimbe

- Vitamin C

- Ginko Biloba

-Addocine monophosphate

- Collagen

-Co-Enzymers cofactors.

- One of the most important elements of Mesotherapy and that are used widely to burn fats are phosphatidylcholine, which is a extract of soybeans and Deoxycholate, a type of salt.

What happens during a Mesotherapy session?

Before the treatment session, an anesthetic cream is applied to the targeted area and Meso Gun is used for injection.

What you should know about fat burning using Mesotherapy:

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical procedure that does not cause the patient much pain and can then go back to his normal life.

Mesotherapy results are guaranteed but they depend on following a balanced diet because following an unbalanced diet may result in the fat returning to the treated area.

The number of sessions is determined based on the opinion of the treating physician and according to the condition of the patient and the area to be treated

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