Teeth Implant

Teeth Implant

When you lose one, two or several teeth because of accident or ageing, you may consider teeth implant as an ideal solution, it gives you a very natural teeth look, vanish the gap between your teeth and makes you smile look brighter than ever, this help you gain your self-confidence again and never hide your smile.

Teeth implant is one of the most widely used worldwide dental solutions, over the past 50 years teeth implant been dramatically developed and enhanced for a better patient experience.

The 1970s witnessed the first teeth been implemented in the United States since that date dentist prefer to go for teeth implant to recover broken or damaged teeth, this help patients to be able to chew all kinds of food and smile without fear to show their teeth.

How does teeth implant work?

Teeth implant is a replacement of the teeth through a surgical component (titanium) screw that fuses with the jawbone to support any other dental prostheses like crown, bridge, denture or any facial prostheses, Teeth implant aims to give the appropriate solution to compensate for the missing and broken teeth with a new one without harming other teeth behind, it’s a very simple procedure performed by special dental surgeons.

All ages can have implants, except growing children, Success or failure of teeth implant depends on the health of the person who is receiving the implant, factors that may lead to teeth implant failure are

  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Orthopedic Diseases


If you have dentures or are missing teeth, implants can improve your quality of life and give you confidence when eating or smiling without noticing any difference from your natural teeth.

At Rama Dental Clinics we give you all options for your bright smile through the best techniques and specialized experiences in teeth implementation, we use a very high-quality materials compatible with the highest dental standers, we answer all your questions and inquiries you may have, our medical team promise to give you the best advice regarding your magical smile.


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