Hollywood Smile

Are you looking for a Celebrity brighter smile?! Hollywood smile gives you the smile that you've always wished for, it gives you a magical, Natural and soft teeth look.

But how we apply Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile is a veneer (stationary or removable), simply it’s a kind of layer of material placed over a tooth, It’s a total Dental Make-Over that improves the appearance of teeth.

There are too many types of veneers that can be used for Hollywood Smile:

•             Porcelain, it gives the best natural look

•             Lumineers

•             Composite Resin

•             CEREC® Veneers

•             Zirconia


"Hollywood" type of smile is the celebrity secret used to have a perfect smile, at the beginning of this century, actresses and singers were seeking perfection beauty. American Dentists designed the best solution for a perfect smile, they experienced to apply veneers for many American Celebrities to give them the perfect shining smile, that’s the secret behind “Hollywood Smile” name.

Today, no need to be a Celebrity to get your desired shining smile, everybody likes to look more beautiful, seeking the perfect look.

In Rama Center for Dental Medicine we promise to make your dreams come true through the best techniques and specialized experiences in the implementation of Hollywood smile, we use a very high-quality materials that last with no need to change on the short term, we answer all your questions and inquiries you may have, our medical team promise to give you the best advice regarding your magical smile

 Your smile worthy to Invest in.

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